ClearCost Elements

ClearCost Elements is our core software solution for managing the business of IT. Our software can stand alone or integrate seamlessly with your current financial system and reporting processes. With our clear, service-based information, you will be truly in control of your IT financial management.

Key Insight We Deliver:
Financial Integration:
Your Custom System

Integrate the financial management processes of your IT groups and present unique, relevant analytics on all aspects of your investments.

IT Budgeting and Reforecasts:
What You Spend

Compare your operating, capital, and headcount budget with your actual spend. With our solution, you have the option to import and export data to and from your existing finance systems.

Activity and Capacity Catalogue:
What You Do

With our activity-based costing model, you can map budgeted resources, external costs, and indirect costs to activities performed and capacity generated.

Service Catalogue:
What You Deliver

Our solution provides definitive IT Service Costing and Pricing, so you can monitor the real return on your IT investments.

Usage and Demand: 
Who Uses What

Instantly connect the usage demand with the services delivered, and pinpoint exactly what actions drive your IT spend.

Asset Capacity:
What the Technology Generates

We provide the operational view of physical or virtual assets, their capacity, and what services depend on them.

ACME CIO - The Value of ClearCost



  • Online Help


  • Multi-user


  • Security to Cost Centre and Account Code level 


  • Intuitive user interface (finance made accessible to IT)


  • Data importing for client tables and base data setup e.g. Chart of Account codes, cost centres, etc.


  • Data export to various Financial Accounting systems


  • Templates of different Operational and Service models for quick start (including ITIL framework)


  • Extensive range of reporting, charting, and data extraction

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Contract Management:
Your External Obligations

Manage and monitor all of your contractual arrangements, including maintenance or lease contracts, and see exactly how they affect your budget and assets.

Costing Intelligence

Accurate costing and easy tracking of Service costs are particularly difficult and time consuming activities for any IT manager. ClearCost was developed specifically to solve these issues by instilling sound, consistent costing and pricing disciplines - the foundation of success.




Information that illuminates and supports decisions
Be informed! Armed with real data, built consistently, decision making becomes much easier. Bring clarity to discussions from outsourced versus in-house staffing, through to license management costs and hardware and peripherals purchasing. The value and expense of those decisions become more obvious sooner, helping gain support for budgetary decisions, as ClearCost delivers the financial evidence for you.



How much do you charge/show back?

Often one of the most difficult aspects of accounting for IT is pricing services to other parts of the organization in ways they understand. ClearCost takes on that burden and helps you through the costing war, giving the IT department a salient and supported position.


Result? Greater harmony all round.




Integration with existing financial systems

Not only a winner with management, it also allows the IT manager to backfill with existing data from the main accounts.


Historical data can be used to provide a base for comparison and information.




Full lifecycle financial management of IT

As your data builds, so will the useful things you can do with it. Be it a retrospective review of hardware from acquisition to obsolescence, or simply laying down expected performance measures for specific services and with accurate cost profiles presented clearly. Ultimately, the ability to estimate the full lifecycle of any aspect of IT arms you with better control and understanding over spend and forecasts.

Your challenges addressed

"We now have an evidence-based SBM solution that allows changes to service levels or services, to be discussed and negotiated with our customers."

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