Steven Middeldorp - CEO

With over 38 years in the IT industry in a range of senior management positions in Investment Banking, Legal, Consulting Services and Manufacturing organizations, Steven brings understanding and hard earned experience in the commercial side of running an IT business. 


He established the ClearCost business in 2001 on the belief that all IT groups needed to behave commercially if they were to survive and contribute to the organizational objectives for success. This translated into a business model that integrated Financial Management with Service Management in a way that both IT and the Business understood. Steven is a regular speaker at regional and international conferences on the subject.


Steven maintains it is clients who have made the business the success it is. Their contribution to the development of ClearCost and its methodology has ensured the business can deliver what IT groups need today and tomorrow.

Paul de Rome - Lead Design Consultant

Prior to joining ClearCost, Paul had more than 25 years’ experience in the corporate world of IT across the Construction, Manufacturing and Finance sectors. Joining ClearCost in 2005 he brought this experience, coupled with his formal qualifications in Finance and Accounting, to provide the perfect balance of technical and financial advice.


With a long list of successful implementations across the Education, Government, Utilities, Manufacturing and Finance sectors, for both IT and Shared Services, Paul understands the needs of today’s executive management as well as the challenges they face, and will guide you to a successful implementation.

Simon Ray - Director of ClearCost Europe

Simon has spent over 25 years in IT for large banking and insurance organisations in both Australia and the UK. With real world experience of operational IT, responsibility for 1500+ servers, and global infrastructure delivery, Simon understands the pressures of "keeping the lights on" as well as the challenges of funding IT, especially the issues of virtualised environments.


Since the mid-90's Simon has worked in companies where "Running IT as a business"​, with charge back / show back, and costs per service was needed to demonstrate the value of IT in a way that made sense to business management.

Mark Mahre - Managing Partner, EVP (US Operations)

Mark S. Mahre has over 23 years experience in business process consulting, enterprise-wide IT solutions and data center strategy initiatives. In the last 10 years, Mark has held Sr. Partner, President and VP positions with four different companies achieving revenues in excess of $22M per year, with direct P&L responsibilities and driving company initiatives with C-Level executives, Partners and Vice Presidents.


Mark has international experience with EMEA and APAC regions on implementing process disciplines and modeling improvements for rapid deployment frameworks and workflows related to finance, sales, operations, manufacturing, information technology and other various lines of business.

Alan Yanlong Wu - Senior Development Manager

Alan has worked as a software developer for more than 15 years. He manages a team encompassing broad skills and a deep understanding of the needs of clients - and how those needs influence our design and functionality. With an eye for detail, he has been responsible for each version and upgrade of ClearCost, especially the transition into our Explorer dashboards and the intuitive interface for our web presence.

Robert Middeldorp - Guru & Trendsetter

Robert trained in business studies and joined ClearCost in 2011. His work includes the guidance of clients through the strategic procurement and installation of ClearCost. Daily he assists clients to optimise their use of the system and its companion features to help them drive maximum value from the engagement. Robert lives and works in the arts capital of Queensland and serves clients across the continent.

Amanda Epley - Marketing & Brand Awareness

Amanda writes original web content for our global audience to build brand awareness and articulate technical concepts in creative ways. She is responsible for updating our company website, managing our social media channels, organizing our corporate events, and coordinating email campaigns. Amanda serves as the voice of the company by designing strategic marketing and communications plans based on industry trends, client demands, and brand vision.

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