Our Consultants have assisted IT groups ranging from 100 to 3,000 staff members. We also draw from our own backgrounds in enterprise banking, finance, and legal services to fully understand your unique business challenges and objectives. Regardless of the size of your organization, we can implement a scalable solution to suit your needs. 

Full Transparency

Business expects and demands transparency over IT costs. Oftentimes, business units become skeptical of the IT costs they bear. Erase doubt and hold every department accountable with complete, service-based information.

Accurate Reporting

In some companies, business units must report along segmented lines for regulatory purposes. IT and other internal Shared Services departments must align their costs with those of the business to meet certain auditing and reporting standards. Failure to do so can have significant consequences. Ensure your costs are properly aligned and reported with our purpose-built software.

Cost Optimization

When faced with a bottom line, many business units demand extreme IT cost reduction measures for lack of a better solution. With our demand-driven cost budgeting methodology and software, we provide both IT and business leaders with deeper understanding of their IT costs and more options to control them.

Holistic Design

When designing an IT Financial Management solution for our enterprise clients, we also consider service maturity, financial drivers, and politics. We ensure that your solution addresses these less obvious, but equally important success factors.

“The implementation of ClearCost enabled us to provide clarity to our internal customers around the services they received and at what cost they received them so that the true value proposition could be determined.”

“You go from presenting cost in the linear traditional financial summary view to a more products/services view that clearly demonstrates the IT group’s value-add to the organization. Beyond how the cost is presented, management has the added benefit of an alternative view to manage their area.”

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  We have helped corporate clients in the following industries: Energy, Environmental Sciences, Insurance, IT Services, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Research  

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