While the public and private sectors face many similar obstacles, the public sector has unique requirements for IT Financial Management. Our Consultants pay careful consideration to the following demands when designing solutions for our clients in the public sector:

Accountability and Disclosure

In order to centralize IT functions and costs, all departments must be held accountable for their influences on the budget. With our automated system, you can seamlessly monitor your allocation and charging for each department.

Clear Communication

Many departments do not allocate their costs, but they still have the same universal need that all IT groups share – to communicate the fact that their budget is driven by demand from end-user departments. Simplify your determinations with transparent appropriation and budget submissions.



  • ACT Government

  • Australian Financial Security Authority


  • Bundaberg Regional Council


  • Commonwealth Dept. of Finance


  • Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade 


  • Queensland Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry


  • Queensland Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry

  • Queensland Dept. of Health

  • VicRoads  

Automated Reporting

With ClearCost, your reporting requirements will automatically be met, with custom reports based on your demands. Implement meaningful, accurate, and repeatable IT performance measures to end user management.


Our software gives you the ability to benchmark your own performance each year. You can also benchmark your records against those of industry peers for key insight on where you should focus and where you are doing well.

Other Success Factors

When planning and implementing an effective solution for our Government clients, we also consider service maturity, financial drivers, and politics. We will design an appropriate solution to address these less obvious, but equally important success factors.

"ClearCost enabled us to implement a new model for funding IT services. The software allowed us to cost our services in a consistent, visible, and accurate way, which has led to better financial management within our department, helped to secure funding for our services, and provided greater clarity for our clients."

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