University IT funding practices are unique, as they are determined by the particular demands of teaching and student support. While government and corporate organizations have some internal processes in common, the university system is faced with different challenges altogether.

Improved Operational Efficiency

IT group structures within many universities tend to be fragmented – otherwise known as federated. This structure makes it nearly impossible for university executives to grasp the true cost of IT. Our automated software improves operational efficiency and provides a holistic view of IT costs.

Full Transparency

While we expect a certain level of distribution of IT services will always be present in universities, the financial management of IT does not need to remain opaque. We have helped several universities achieve full transparency of their IT operations with standard financial and performance measurement – both central and distributed.

"We first installed ClearCost to understand the entire cost of delivering IT services through multiple IT service providers. The analysis formed the basis for strategic university decisions on cost reduction opportunities. During the years we've been using ClearCost, it has met every service costing and charging challenge we've thrown at it. Of course, software is only as good as the support behind it, and ClearCost Consulting has provided excellent advice on how to get the best from their tools."

Clear Funding Agenda

Universities have unique funding complexities that require thorough analysis and documentation. With our software and methodology, our Consultants can implement a pragmatic, measurable agenda for funding based on outcomes rather than inputs.

Better Investments

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Universities are always under pressure to stretch their budgets. By spending less on IT, university leaders can increase funding for research, hiring, and campus resources. Our Consultants will help you make strategic investments to exceed the expectations of your students, staff, and alumni.

Every year, many complex cost and funding questions arise in Universities - questions from the Vice Chancellor, CFO, CIO, Service Managers, and Cost Centre Managers - questions ClearCost is designed to answer.

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